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Hey There, I'm Sophie

I am a member of an elite group of entrepreneurs who together, we are on a mission to help over 100,000 people build their online dream business so they can earn a stable income and live life on their own terms.

It's possible. I started from scratch and was able to completely transform my life through an online business and now I assist others to achieve the same - all in a record amount of time!

This is my personal site where you can learn more about me, get premium content for free, and have me by your side every step of the way to get you to the place where you deserve to be.


Here's My Story...


I was born and raised in French as both my parents' family came from Quebec to Ontario.

Growing up I learnt that I have a passion in Traveling and just simply enjoying and loving life.

Grade 12 of High School, I knew I had to figure something out and go to College cause I had know idea what I wanted to do, and at that time and still even now, but that's what people where told to do and still are told nowadays.

I loved dogs and wanted to be a Veterinarian until I learnt that people just bring their dogs there to put them asleep because they don't want them anymore and I knew that if I were to do that, I would be that crazy dog lady, and then I would quit my job because I would need to take care of those dogs. (Also 7 years in University? No thanks.)

Obviously that wasn't the right option for me, so I had to just pick something before the deadline. So I researched and researched and finally said I will go for a Dental Hygienist, They make fair enough money and also only two years.

Unfortunately I failed one class by 1% in my first semester. It felt like a huge failure. The following year I decided to try Dental Assistant which was a level down.

Finally graduated and moved back home to find a job, 2 months after searching I found a job. At first I thought it was alright, we all need to go to jobs and make money, no matter if it's great or not.

But after months and then years I realize how badly I was being treated but I thought this was a normal thing so I stuck with it for 5 years until they actually gave me the boot.

I was so happy to get out of there but didn't want to do this type of job any longer, so I moved back to my parents house and took some time off.

8 months later I found a receptionist job that actually payed me $3 more then the dental office and I didn't even go to College for this.

4 years in that place goes by and by that time I am going literally going nuts. People were rude and I just had no energy to deal with it anymore, plus my health was bad and only getting worse with the stress.

With nothing else planned, I just quit my job and was hoping to make money online. I knew there was more in life, all I wanted was to travel and enjoy my life. Why should that be so hard?

The Breakthrough...

I was being bullied by my managers at my work place and then by patients at my next work place and I never stood my ground but I had a feeling deep inside telling this is not it, you can do better things that will allow you to live life and not be a slave to a 9-5 jobs which I truly felt I was at the time.

I was determined and after I quit my job , luckily for me I didn't give up and oh boy let me tell you that now I am so happy I didn't give up cause at first it wasn't easy and took me 3 years to find the right mentor and implement the right teachings.

Trying an online program after another and not getting anywhere. Just spending money that I wasn't making.

This was really my lowest point in my life, I was in so much dept and I knew I had to do something fast.

Finally, I found a real mentor that helped me changed everything around.

He showed me a totally different model from what I've been learning (you can learn about that here if you'd like.)

A couple later I was finally able to make an income and only grew bigger and BIGGER from there.

I am so incredibly bless to have found him!

Finally the good life!

Finally feeling free for the first time in my life. (31 years)

It feels amazing to finally be able to travel when I want and just simply enjoy life with my friends and family.

People who claim that "money can't buy happiness" either don't have any or don't know where to go shopping.

Making this kind of money allowed me to provide for my family, enjoy every moment of life, and relieve a lot of worry.

I'm not sure about you, but having the financial freedom to do what I want, when I want, with whoever I want, travel the world at any time, buy whatever I want without thinking about the price tag, contributing to charity, and help others in need makes me a lot happier and stress free!

My income increased as a result of following the blueprint from my mentor, and my life entirely transformed for the better. It's a sensation I genuinely hope you'll have as well.

...and this was just the beginning.

My Vision, My Mission...

Every person on the planet deserves to be successful, and success should come naturally to them. Following the appropriate set of blueprints leads to success by default.

Right now, I'm on a mission to help at least 100,000 people build their dream online business that pays them consistently and allows them to live life on their own terms.

Thousands of ordinary, everyday people like you and me have changed their lives by implementing this proven business plan, and we have thousands of success stories to prove it. That is extremely motivating!

What About You?

My awesome friend, look…

If you’re reading this, and my story resonated with you…

If you're anything like me, you want to live a stress-free life, earn more money, have more time freedom, and provide yourself and your family with the truly fantastic life that you deserve...

But you're not sure where to begin or what to do...

Perhaps you've tried a variety of things just to be disappointed and frustrated because you know you deserve better, and I believe you do too!

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, and you’re ready for a real breakthrough…

I can assist you, with the help of my mentor Vick who has assisted thousands of others in your situation, including me.

Let's keep it simple: I'd like to extend an invitation to you to join Vick's free masterclass. He'll give you a step-by-step plan to alter your life for good- no fluff, no bullshit.

It's possible that this is exactly what you've been looking for.

You can sign up for a spot here.


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