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With all the MLM opportunities out there, you can easily become overwhelmed with trying to figure out which one to choose. But as with anything, it’s important to do your research before jumping into something you aren’t sure about.

While many of these options sound good on paper, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding them and lose sight of what they have to offer in the real world.

That’s why I decided to write this BeautyCounter review; so you know what to expect from this business opportunity, and whether or not it’s the right fit for you!

What is BeautyCounter?

Beautycounter is a multi-level marketing company. Distributors make commissions by selling products and recruiting more distributors.

The idea behind Beautycounter is that they sell safer, non-toxic beauty products that are still effective.

They have an extensive line of cosmetics, skincare, body care, hair care and sunscreen products. They also have a few household items like laundry detergent and dish soap.

BeautyCounter's Vision

Beautycounter's mission is to provide safer and more sustainable beauty choices. This means building a world where everyone has access to information on what’s really in their products, what their ingredients do, and how they affect our health.

Their products are made with natural ingredients that work harder so you can go about your day without worrying about what's in your cosmetics. And every product is free of harmful chemicals that have been linked to cancer, reproductive harm, hormone disruption, and even death.

Business Side of BeautyCounter

t’s important to understand that BeautyCounter is an MLM company. If you don’t know what MLM stands for, it means multi-level marketing. What that means is that when you buy a product from someone else who sells a product, you’re technically their salesperson, too. As their salesperson, there are often times opportunities for commissions and bonuses.

BeautyCounter Products 

The most important part of a business is its product. It's always best to purchase a product that you feel will bring value and quality into your life.

At first glance, I was admittedly skeptical about how I would feel using Beautycounter products because they cost more than what I'm used to paying for similar products in drugstores or online.

Their products include skincare, makeup, hair care, and body care. They also offer many cruelty-free options for those who are vegan or vegetarian. One thing I love about their products is that there are no harmful chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, triclosan and synthetic fragrances.

Why Are Their Products Safer? 

Unlike other companies, Beautycounter has a database of over 60,000 ingredients. They know exactly what’s in their products and how it affects your body. This helps them identify harmful chemicals and replace them with safer alternatives.

BeautyCounter’s Pros & Cons 

Pros Beautycounter offers a wide range of natural, non-toxic products. This is great for people who want to avoid harsh chemicals and toxins in their beauty routine. Beautycounter has also made it easy for customers to find their products by creating an online store where all of their products are listed. They have also recently launched a mobile app that makes shopping for their products even easier.

Cons Beautycounter is an MLM company. This means that if you decide to become a consultant, you will have to pay a monthly fee and make a minimum amount of sales each month in order to stay active in your position.

But the problem with these types of MLM is that they teach their members the traditional method to recruit people. This is really the worst way to build a business. (Online method is the way to go to be profitable with MLM businesses. Click here to find out more.) If you don’t meet these requirements, you could lose your business and all of your money invested into it.

Another negative aspect of Beautycounter is that its products are extremely expensive compared to other natural beauty brands.

How to Sign Up BeautyCounter Consultant (MLM)?

Signing up as a consultant for any company will require you to complete an application.

Beautycounter offers an online application that can be completed in approximately 5 minutes. Once you complete and submit your application, they’ll do a background check on you, and once cleared, get back to you.

Typically, they have an answer within 48 hours. Once your application is approved, then it's time to pick a plan that works best for you.

Is BeautyCounter a Scam or Legit?

Short answer: They are a legitimate business. However, here are some glaring issues with their business model, but in terms of just their product line and offering, I think that it does work for a lot of people.

If you have mild or moderate acne, or you’re looking for a way to replace your big skincare routine with something simpler, Beautycounter might be worth a try.

Final Thoughts

It was the green products that initially drew me in. 

But for the business side of it...

Unfortunately, they set members up for failure by teaching them how to recruit friends, relatives, and strangers. 

Doing business in this manner is by far the worst method to grow and build a business. 

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Thank you for taking the time to read this Beautycounter review. 

Much love, 


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