Foap Review: A Great Way to Make Money Selling Your Photos, Or Is It?

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Foap has been around since 2012, and in that time they’ve garnered quite the reputation as an easy way to make money selling your photos online.

But the question remains: Does Foap deliver on this promise? Can you make money with foap? And can you trust them to deliver payment when it’s due?

Let’s find out by taking a closer look at what Foap can do for you. In this Foap review, you'll find out whether or not it’s really worth your time.

Foap Review Outline


Product type: Picture and/ or videos for money.

Price: 0

My rating out of ten: 4/10

Recommend: No

What is Foap?

Foap is a photography app that enables users to sell their images and make money.

The concept is simple; you take photos with your phone or camera, upload them to Foap, and then earn money for every sale of your photos.

Foap pays you $10 per photo but they take 50% of your commission.

All of the details are also available below the video.

How Does it Work?

Simply create an account and you're ready to go. Foap allows you to easily upload and sell your photos online.

Once uploaded, your photo will be available for anyone in any country to purchase as a print or digital download. Foap handles all of the transactions so that you don’t have to worry about collecting payments from customers.

The site also provides an easy way for customers to buy prints of your work with just a few clicks.

How To Get Paid With Foap?

In order to receive payment, you need to reach a $$5 threshold. Once you’ve reached that amount, Foap will send you an email with instructions on how to get paid. You can only be paid via PayPal or bank transfer.

Who Is Eligible to Join Foap?

Anyone with a smartphone. The Foap app is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can also use a computer web browser if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet.

While there are no costs associated with joining Foap (you don’t have to buy new camera equipment), uploading photos does eat up your data allotment for that month. If you plan on making money with Foap, keep an eye on your monthly data plan usage.

Pros & Cons


Foap offers a quick and simple way to make money selling your photos. Simply create an account, shoot photos through Foap’s app or upload them from your phone’s camera roll and wait for a buyer. The whole process takes about 10 minutes and you can start making money right away!


Unfortunately, there are a few downsides when you look closely at Foap. The first and most obvious one is that your profits will be minuscule—less than $5 per photo sold. In addition to that, Foap takes 50% of all your sales. It's also hard to get your photos sold because of the competition.

Is Foap a Scam or Legit?

Many people ask me is foap a scam? No Foap is not a scam. It’s an app that allows you to sell your photos and make money. The thing I like about foap pictures over some of these other apps is that they allow you to keep all rights to your images so if someone wants to use them in something else (like print) they will need permission from you first which means more money for you!

Final Thoughts

If you need an easy way to make money with pictures, Foap might be for you.

But if you’re a serious photographer looking for an alternative source of income, save your time and look elsewhere.

Also, if you're looking to earn enough money to quit your job or earn passive income, then Foap isn't for you because it's far from that.

It won't even cover your bills.

If that's what you're looking for, my business partner Vick will teach you how to earn passive income online for free. Click here to get started.

Hope these Foap hacks help.

Thanks so much for reading this Foap review.

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