Limiting Beliefs About Money That Keep You Broke

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Hello, Sophie here! Welcome, I hope you’re doing terrific today!

In this article, I will go into detail about the limiting beliefs that are keeping you broke and how to attract money.

Your financial situation, whether you’re getting by or struggling to get ahead, is usually determined by your mindset, specifically your mindset around money. 

If you have limiting beliefs about money that convince you that you will never be able to save any, then it’s highly unlikely that you’ll change your financial status in the future.

This guide will help you to permanently change your financial situation, create a business mindset, and stop living paycheque to paycheque.

This is where I explain what kind of money beliefs you may have that are preventing you from attracting money into your life, as well as how to transform them into positive money beliefs that will allow you to attract abundance.

Identifying Your Limiting Beliefs 

Let's undertake a simple activity to help you get rid of those unhelpful limiting beliefs to help you build a rich mindset.

Write down the first thing that comes to mind on a piece of paper for the following 2 questions:

PS: Don’t think about it. Just write down the first thing you think about.

What I dislike about money is….

The benefits of money are…

This will allow you to clearly see what negative beliefs you have towards money. In the next step we will reframe your limiting beliefs

How To Change Your Limiting Beliefs

Next step to your new money mindset:

Identify 3 “I AM” statements, for example:

1. I am a money magnet and it flows through me easily and effortlessly!

2. I am a smart entrepreneur and success comes easy to me!

3. I am a confident leader and I am good enough

Second, answer each of these 2 questions and be specific with your answers. Make sure it’s the first thing you think about.

What do you want? Write down 3 reasons why you don’t have it? (This is your limiting beliefs)

Now you’re going to reframe your beliefs.

For example with question #2: If you wrote down making money is hard (add BULL followed by your I AM statement) I am a money magnet and it flows through me easily and effortlessly!

So it should look like this: Making money is hard BULL!... I am a money magnet and it flows through me easily and effortlessly!

Do this for all 3 of your answers.

Repeat your new beliefs once in the morning and once before bed to anchor this into your mind.

Repetition is key!

Important To Note

Quick tip: Do a google search for “Money Beliefs Affirmations” and find some that you like and add them to your list. This is also part of the law of attraction.

It’s not just your bank account balance that matters; it’s your mindset. By shifting your money-related beliefs, you can make real changes to your financial future—and feel good about it, too.

Thanks so much for reading and helping yourself change those limiting beliefs that you might have picked up from others that aren’t yours. This makes you one step closer to financial freedom.

Say goodbye to those limited beliefs that are stopping you.

Great job! I’m proud of you!

Much love, 


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