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Hi Guys, I’m Sophie and I know how much it sucks to wake up to work for someone else everyday, build their business, and be stuck to the 9 to 5 chains. 

I was there and felt like there was so much more for me in life.

Send me a message if you have that feeling too. Feeling like you can’t live the life you want because you’re stuck at work every day and just no time for the things you want to do and feeling restricted with money, living paycheck to paycheck?

In the last 4 years, I’ve been working towards reaching financial freedom so I can work less and play hard.

It took a lot of time, failures, and money. My goal here is to save you from all of that and help you reach financial freedom the quickest way possible and quit your 9 to 5.

I want to save you from all the fluff out there as I tried so many different things that I saw over the internet that just didn’t work for me.

5 Important Steps To Create Financial Freedom

1) Realize That it Takes a Lot of Work

A lot of people think that successful people have success overnight or if they listen to someone that says do this and you’ll make $200 a day but it doesn’t work that way, it takes work and time.

Don’t expect it to happen overnight and set reasonable expectations.

2) Invest in yourself.

Don’t be cheap on your way to greatness because if you are, you’ll never make it. If you’re afraid of a couple of hundred dollars, how can you expect to make money if you’re too afraid of spending it. The more you give the more you get.

3) Work on your Mindset

On this blog, I will sometimes talk about mindset because it is crucial when building a business. If you're not in the right state of mind, one little failure can set you back and have you quit and I'm sure that's not what you're here to do. 

There are plenty of resources all over the Internet that can help you with your mindset if you need extra help.

Also, click here to find out how your limiting beliefs are keeping you broke.

4) Dedicate Time

Life can definitely be busy and if you have a full-time job and want to build a business on the side then you'll have to make sure to dedicate time to make your business work. 

You can say goodbye to your weekends and your evenings because if you want to reach Financial Freedom you have to put in the time so make sure you find it and make a schedule for yourself.

5) Properly Manage Your Money

By managing your money, you are telling the universe you can manage money and are ready to manage some more. But the best part is that if you start managing your money right away, you'll eventually become financially doing this alone.

To start managing your money, all you need to do is open up 6 bank accounts. One will be for General, another for Taxes. Your next one will be for Investments. One for Learning/ Education. Your play account will be to allow you to treat yourself. Lastly, a charity account. (The more you give, the more you get.)

Put 10% of all of your earnings in the Investment, Charity, Play, and learning account.

For your taxes, it all depends on where you live. Read up on your Country's taxes and adjust to the appropriate amount.

And finally, 50% in your general account.

To learn more about managing your money, click here. This book has really helped me to make these important changes in my life and I know they will help you too!

Why It's Important To Follow These Steps

It's incredibly important to follow these simple steps to create financial freedom because it's the foundation for success.

Starting small and the big things will follow.

If you want to learn how more about the complete 7 steps to freedom, my business partner Vick explains it through a free video if you'd like to check it out, click here.

All you have to do is put in your best email, create a password, and listen to the free training.


Thanks so much for reading.

Much love,


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